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Notice of Intended Marriage

You’ve found your forever after person, and you’re engaged (congratulations!!), so what’s next? Well of course you have a million things to plan from booking a venue, sending out invitations and planning the biggest celebration party of your life, but, before any of that can happen, you need to complete a very important legal document called the “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM).

The first thing you want to do then, is choose a wedding celebrant. Not only do they marry you on the day, but they take care of all the legal paperwork, and the first part of that is going to be the NOIM.

The NOIM is a relatively easy form to fill in, and there are a number of authorities in Australia who can witness it for you:

  • Authorised Marriage Celebrant
  • Justice of the peace
  • Commissioner for Declarations under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959
  • Barrister or solicitor
  • A legally qualified medical practitioner
  • Member of your State Police or a Federal Police Officer.

If you’re overseas, you can have the NOIM witnessed by a Notary Public, an Australian Diplomatic, or an Australian Consular Officer. (In response to Covid-19, a temporary allowance is in place until 31 December 2022, where the NOIM can be witnessed remotely but an authorised person. That means we can do it via Zoom)

Once it has been witnessed it needs to be delivered to your Celebrant who will file the document. It needs to be received by your celebrant at least 1 month prior to your wedding date, but no earlier than 18 months before your wedding date. 

This is an important legal document that needs to be completed in order for you to get married.

Your celebrant will need Proof of your place and date of birth. You can show this with an official birth certificate, and your passport or if these are totally impossible to obtain, a statutory declaration may be accepted. 

You also need to show your celebrant proof of identification. This is easy to do with your driver’s license, proof of age card, or your passport.

If either of you have been married before you will need to provide evidence that you are no longer legally married- either by providing evidence of death, nullity or divorce. 

Lastly, you can’t get married if you’re under the age of 18 without a special order from a judge or magistrate. There is no way to be married if both of you are under 18, but if only one of you is under 18, your celebrant will need to see the court order and the consents to be married. 

The easiest option is to collect your documents and fill out your NOIM with your celebrant. 



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