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An elopement wedding is a small, beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony that takes place with just the bride, groom, their witnesses, and a few guests (if you choose to have guests). The ceremony is meant to be an intimate and personal occasion focused on the couple. While elopement weddings can technically be any size, we cap our elopements at 12 adult guests, plus children. This ensures they keep their intimate and romantic ambience.



 A big wedding isn’t for everyone. For some, planning a big function, coordinating all the elements, and standing up in front of a large number of people is just not for them. A large wedding might not feel like a comfortable reflection of the couple, who may want to enjoy their special day being only being immersed in each other.  They might not want to share such an intimate ceremony with more than just a select few people. Weddings are personal, and everyone has a different dream, so if a small, intimate or casual ceremony sounds like your perfect day, then an elopement ceremony might be the perfect fit for you.

A smaller wedding with fewer guests does mean that you can work on a smaller budget. Perhaps you are saving for a house or a big overseas holiday; perhaps you have other more pressing and important expenses, or perhaps you only recently decided to marry and haven’t had a long time to save for a big wedding- whatever your reasons, an elopement might fit better with the amount you want to spend on your wedding.

Choosing to have an elopement wedding ceremony puts a hard limit on your guest numbers and can help you navigate the difficult task of not inviting people you aren’t really close to, or family you may be normally obligated to include in a larger ceremony. The hard limit means that only immediate family and best friends are included, and is a easy excuse to give to those who aren’t invited. “We’d love to have you there, but the venue only allows x guests, so we’re having to limit it to immediate family only”.

An elopement allows you to have your ceremony at locations that normally can’t accommodate larger crowds, so you can say “I Do” in a truly spectacular or meaningful location. Perhaps somewhere you visited on a first date, or spot that has some other special meaning to the couple.

If you’re planning on having a wedding overseas with your friends, having a secret elopement ceremony first not only ensures that all the legal details are taken care of, but it is also an opportunity to get married in front of relatives or close friends who may not be able to travel. You can still have your dream wedding overseas.  

Whatever your reasons, I specialise in elopement ceremonies. Give me a call and let us have a talk about how I can make your elopement perfect for you, and together let’s design a ceremony that reflects you and your partner. 





steps to get started

 Contact me to book a FREE no-obligation first meeting, either face to face or online. You can ask any questions you have and decide if I’m the right celebrant for you. We can talk about what kind of ceremony you’re thinking about, and even lock in your date.

We’ll set a date and time to complete your “Notice of Intended Marriage”. This is the legal requirement to get your wedding underway. It can be completed face to face or online, but it must be completed at least one month before you’re due to get married. At this time, I will provide you with all the resources to start planning and customising your ceremony.

Once you have both decided on what elements you would like included in your ceremony, you can leave the rest to me. I am here for you whenever you need to talk, to tweak any details or go over the format. I want to make the process as stress-free as possible for you both so you can enjoy the time leading up to your big day. 

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